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Urbains, maritimes ou campagnards, appartements ou villas, d’une superficie XXS à XXL, aux Etats-Unis, au Brésil, en Europe comme en Afrique du Sud, ces vingt-deux intérieurs d’exception ont chacun leur singularité mais tous partagent une même qualité : l’intelligence fonctionnelle.

MedHelp Offices – San Francisco

A Design Lifestyle has created the new offices of medical tech company MedHelp located in San Francisco, California. This 7,000 square foot office space in the heart of Downtown San Francisco on Market Street, is home to the medical tech company, MedHelp, dedicated to digitizing personal health data.

An Inside Look at MedHelp’s New San Francisco Office – Officelovin

MedHelp is an online health community that allows people to ask questions from actual doctors via Q & A forums on the site. Recently, MedHelp decided to renovate its office in San Francisco to give it a new fresh look and inspire staff for a new chapter.

The Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist tendencies have trickled into the worlds of fashion and design to create one of the most noticeable, on-going trends of the past decade. “These days, people are trying to create statements with focal pieces versus relying on unnecessary embellishments,” says Jacqueline Palmer of A Design Lifestyle, who’s also a San Francisco interior designer, fashion stylist, set designer, miracle worker, and proud minimalist.

This Oakland Loft Makeover Is the Perfect Mix of Modern + Vintage Home Decor

When it comes to making over a space, it’s important for interior designers to find the perfect balance between what the homeowner wants and the designer suggests. In this case, interior designer Jacqueline Palmer of A Design Lifestyle knew just what her client was looking for and delivered an epic home makeover – one both she and her client love.

WAN INTERIORS:: Oakland Loft by A Design Lifestyle in Oakland

An eclectic and collected loft located in the heart ofOakland, this contemporary project was designed for a client who acquired a blank canvas space and needed the right designers touch to make the house a home. The design is unexpected and confident

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