Dress & Dwell

Dress & Dwell | A Design Lifestyle - Jacqueline Palmer

When I met San Francisco photographer and designer Julia Sperling last year, I immediately knew we had a future of working together. She was interested in expanding her fashion and interiors photography portfolio, and I was in need of a stellar photographer to shoot for my blog and interiors portfolio. We came together to help each other in our work and soon developed a collaborative concept celebrating our shared passion for fashion and interiors.

Dress & Dwell is a concept combining bold fashion and unique interiors, bringing to light how closely the two industries are related and how they inspire each other. Our focus is finding unique avant-guard homes in the Bay Area and pairing them with high-end fashions from runway designers. The result is beautiful images to inspire designers, artists, buyers, bloggers, stylist, homeowners, or anyone who has an interested in fashion or interiors. With four photo shoots a year, one in each season, we have plans to create an extensive collection of inspiring images in a broad range of styles and compile them into a curated collection in the form of a hardcover book.

We held our first photo shoot in October of 2015, at a beautiful mid-century modern home in Piedmont, California. As a self-funded project, we don’t have much of a budget, so we are trading our services for sets, garments, and hair and makeup services. For our first shoot, the house was provided by a generous homeowner who we found on Airbnb, the clothing was provided by San Francisco consignment store Simply Chic, and hair and makeup were provided by Santa Cruz stylist and artist Mindy Palmer.

We are currently seeking our next photo shoot location and acquiring garments for the Spring and Summer. We are looking for a location in San Francisco, as well as in the North and South Bay. If you are interested in hosting us, please send an email to info@adesignlifestyle.net.

Thank You and Danke.

Jacqueline and Julia