Starcity: Phase 2

My favorite new client is a unique hybrid of residential, commercial, hospitality, and multifamily housing design, a little bit of everything. Starcity, based in San Francisco, is a startup out of Y Combinator, building comfortably designed homes for anyone interested in a community-focused lifestyle.

Together, Starcity and ADL are working to renovate a hotel in the Mission District of San Francisco. The 20 unit building features innovative space design, smart home technology, and resource-efficient, aesthetically charming homes that cultivate community synergy. From the very beginning, balancing community space and resources with adequate private space has been our primary focus. We are designing private rooms in a way that will allow people to live sustainably in San Francisco for the long-term.

What attracted me most to working with Starcity was their mission. I can attest that living in San Francisco is expensive. As a non-tech professional, I know first hand the hustle that is required to keep up in this booming market.

Project: Multi-Family Design, Communal Housing
Location: Mission District, San Francisco
Year Completed: 2016/2017
Photographer: Julia Sperling