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My Latest Venture: Vendecor - Designer Discounts, Simplified. | A Design Lifestyle - Jacqueline Palmer 1

ADL is always working on new residential and commercial interior design projects and has completed over 25 designs in the contemporary-eclectic style working almost exclusively for tech and finance c-level executives. By simplifying and redefining the design process and utilizing new tech, ADL has streamlined the practice and projects are completed almost entirely virtually, saving clients time and fees, in San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley, and New York City. Jacqueline has designed for clients employed by leading companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. ADL projects range from industrial start-up offices to eclectic bachelor pads, and contemporary new family homes. Although every project is unique, all designs emit a sense of vibrancy, edge, and sophistication.

What sets Jacqueline apart from other designers and companies is that she is essentially a one-woman show, and has developed a highly organized model and system that makes the design process efficient and easy to understand. Also, ADL passes along all designer discounts, so project fees are for design services only that are estimated at the start of the project based on a specified scope of work. There are never any surprise bills or unexplained invoices.