The Creative Work of Becky Murphy and Kelli Anderson

The Creative Work of Becky Murphy and Kelli Anderson | A Design Lifestyle - Jacqueline Palmer 4

New York City traffic. Roommate experiences. Paper pop-up books. On the surface, these things have nothing in common but for Becky Murphy and Kelli Anderson, they turned into the inspiration for projects that were whimsical and imaginative.

Adobe recently launched the Adobe Creative Residency to foster the creative process of Becky and Kelli through the use of both analog and digital tools. For one year, Becky and Kelli will take on ambitious projects and present their process and final work to the public. The residency is not only about this final product but about everything in between: brainstorming, experimenting, making mistakes and all the other things that come with the creative process.

As part of Adobe’s Working Late series, these talented women visited San Francisco from Texas and New York to chat about their career paths, inspiration and current projects.

An artist and designer, Kelli finds inspiration in everything from art to maps. She enjoys playing with the standard expectations of visual production and how things work. Point in case: a paper record player that played an original song.

Becky is an author, illustrator and graphic designer that creates work based on her personal experiences and what she sees around her. Her book I’d Rather be Short is a funny collection of reasons it’s great to be short. Her next project is The Roommate Book.

During their presentations and a Q&A with Rena Tom, founder of Makeshift Society, both creative minds shared more about their process and pieces.

Becky talked a lot about the importance of seeing each problem as if you’re the client. In other words, make something that you would enjoy.

“I find the most life in my work… from creating my own problems to solve,” she said.

Kelli often puts in a lot of research and time into projects that defy expectation, especially when it comes to paper. “You have these set expectations for paper which are limited, she said.”

Becky and Kelli will continue to work on their projects as part of the residency; you can see more of Becky’s work here and Kelli’s here.

Images courtesy of Adobe.

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