My Closet Staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My Closet Staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | A Design Lifestyle - Jacqueline Palmer 5

There are five pieces in my closet that I cannot live without! I call them my tried and true closet staples, and I can be caught wearing anyone of them on a weekly basis. I always say the best way to be on time is to know what clothing looks great on your body. Once you find your magic combination, stock up on plenty of versions of the outfit so you can look great in a hurry.

My go-to closet staples include:

  1. my favorite pink, crowd-pleasing pencil skirt
  2. the ultimate black tee shirt, perfect for weekend errands or working from home
  3. versatile black heels that are comfortable to walk in, perfect for day and night
  4. a cover up baseball hat for those days when my mane is not looking top notch, or when I want to go anywhere incognito
  5. a warm bomber to withstand the moody Bay Area weather

These staples can be paired with a wide variety of garments, in an array of styles for day and night, and there is no better place to stock up on these items, than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This is one of the biggest retail sales of the year and one you don’t want to miss out on! It’s the perfect time to stock up on all of your tried and true closet staples, so you can always be prepared to look fabulous in a flash! Shop soon; prices go up August 8th!


Photography by Julia Sperling.

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Recently featured in Design Milk, Luxe Interior and Design, Business Insider, and 7×7, Jacqueline Palmer is a young, multi-creative entrepreneur redefining design and style. Combining an interior design service and a lifestyle brand, she is captivating audiences around the world, and intriguing the evolving industry. Jacqueline began her artistic career in Santa Cruz, California as a painter, photographer, dancer, singer, and model, and moved to San Francisco to pursue a profession in design at the Academy of Art University. During her studies, she styled brand visuals for Williams-Sonoma Inc. while designing at an interiors firm and nannying, working three part-time jobs while enrolled in full-time courses. She also spent a summer abroad in Italy studying art history and architecture where she found a passion for European aesthetic. Upon graduating with a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design, she joined Kendall Wilkinson Design creating high-end custom homes and furniture for private clients. Exhausted of exclusively designing interiors at a traditional firm, Jacqueline launched A Design Lifestyle, to showcase her range of creative abilities and explore multiple design outlets. Her contemporary-eclectic design style can be seen in Bay Area and New York City homes and offices of tech and finance executives. Aside from her growing interior design business, Jacqueline also works in styling, fashion, production, events, travel, and tech. She has also been featured as a host for a home decor video series. In her spare time, Jacqueline volunteers for non-profits in San Francisco and Tanzania

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